Tamm, Mari-Liis
Tamm, Mari-Liis
I am an EVS volunteer at the Hort Franckesche Stiftungen in Halle this year. I was born and grew up in Estonia but moved to the UK when I was 19. I studied Politics and Sociology for 3 years at the University of Sheffield, and stayed in Sheffield for an extra 1.5 years after finishing my studies to get experience in the charity and social sector. Before coming to Halle I was travelling around Brazil and Europe for six months and gained some experience in coconut farming.
My project this year will be a collaboration with my fellow-volunteer, Daniel, with whom I will be designing and carrying out different theatre projects based on issues such as bullying and discrimination, migration and global warming.
Outside work, I am a keen swimmer, guitar player, traveller and cook. I love vegan food, cycling and banjos, and dislike food waste and close-minded people.
I am hoping that this year will help me to understand Germany better and perfect my German language skills as well as give me better idea of what I want to do in career wise. 

The daycare centre is a free time pedagogical institution from the Franckesche Stiftungen zu Halle. Which offer a balance to school and offers relaxation and activities.