Crosse, Sophie
Crosse, Sophie

Hi I’m Sophie, 22 from Derbyshire, England.

I am currently living in Halle and volunteering at Hort Bunte Welt. I graduated from the London School of Economics last year, 2015, studying Social Policy and Politics. Since then I have volunteered with VSO for 3 months in Tanzania, worked as a baker, travelled round South East Asia, and worked in an office in London doing admin. Typical ‘Gap Yah’ I guess. 

I decided to volunteer with the Red Cross as I want to work in International Development and the charity sector, plus it has given me the opportunity to live in another country and learn a new language, German. 

Outside of work I run, sing in a gospel choir, and I honestly love spending time with my dogs curled up on the sofa reading or binge watching TV, my current show is Supernatural.

I look forward to my year in Halle; finding out more about German culture and learning the language, with the added bonus of furthering my career in the 3rd Sector.


The after school care Center Bunte Welt is an institution of the DRK Kreisverbandes Halle-Saalkreis-Mansfelder Land e.V. and is located in the western part of Halle which is called Halle-Neustadt. Even though it is in the western part of Halle, the location of the care center is close to the city centre.