Hort Bunte Welt
Hort Bunte Welt
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http://kv-halle-sk-ml.drk.de/startseite.htmlThe after school care center "Bunte Welt" is an institution of the DRK Kreisverbandes Halle-Saalkreis-Mansfelder Land e.V. and is located in the western part of Halle which is called Halle-Neustadt. Even though it is in the western part of Halle, the location of the care center is close to the city centre.

Halle Neustadt is one of the social points of divergences in Halle and hosts many different emigrants, multicultural backgrounds and many unemployed people. Still, Halle-Neustadt is a new quarter with very good transportation system and infrastructure and a lot of nature. It is possible to reach the center of Halle within 10-15 minutes. The care center is close to a tram stop (less than one minute away).

Our institution:

The after school care center "Bunte Welt" is part of a school complex in Halle-Neustadt. This complex consists of a primary school "Lilienschule" as well as a cooperative secondary school "Wilhelm von Humboldt" and a gym that can be used by the care center and the schools. The ice rink and a very big and beautiful park "Peißnitz" are located close by so that visits on a regular basis are very common.

Since the year 2010 our center is not only a center for children, but also for their parents, which means that not only the children but also the parents and families are always welcome.

The surrounding of the care center is home to many emigrants, therefore we have the precious component of cultural and language diversity. The holistic development of the children is the main focus of our organization and the pivot point of our work, therefore our slogan "....open for all children, without any differences"

140 children can visit our facilities and are supervised by trained preschool teachers. Since May 2007 we work with an open concept, every child having one of the teachers as main teacher. Our outside premise is very large, which results in spending a lot of time outdoors.

Another main focus of our work is the refining and developing of social competencies, in order to maintain this focus, we orientate ourselves on the educational layout "Bildung: elementar". This plan consists of topics such as developing self-confidence, the right to co-determinate and the involvement of parents.