Kindertagesstätte August Hermann Francke
Kindertagesstätte August Hermann Francke
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The day care center for children, "August Hermann Francke" is a kindergarten from the Franckesche Stiftungen zu Halle

The generous building of the day care center holds 16 preschool teachers, four technical employees, a director and up to 135 children from the age of 8 weeks and 6 years. The children are separated by three age groups into two groups. The groups interact throughout the day.

The very flexible and open rooms of the building, which was build after reformative pedagogical concepts allow theses exchanges. One preschool teacher is always responsible for one age group, until the children go to school.

The day car center follows the traditional education of August Hermann Francke, which includes the acceptance and inclusion of modern developments and concepts in order to face problems of the presence and the future. The day care center enhances a consequent European perspective. The decoration of the rooms introduces the different cultures of the continent. Through festivals and workshops they encounter the different traditions, languages and landscapes.

Contacts to other day care center are being established, so that meetings can be initiated.