Internationale Kindertagesstätte Herweghstraße
Internationale Kindertagesstätte Herweghstraße
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The kindergarten "Herweghstraße" belongs to the agencies of the Eigenbetrieb Kindertagesstätten Halle (Saale), which is a communal agency that currently runs 45 kindergartens.

The international kindergarten is situated in an old three-store villa in the Paulusviertel, the old part of Halle which is close to Halle’s center. The villa has been renovated, so that the day care now meets all standards of a modern institution.

International families - international teamwork

The kindergarten Herwehgstraße offers family with multilingual background or parents who are employed in one of the international institutions in and around Halle an international, educational concept. This concept outlines the main concepts of „Bildung: elementar", but puts them to practice bilingually.

The international Team is being formed by qualified staff from all over the world that has English or German as mother tongue. In the everyday pedagogical work the parents are viewed as important partners and co-workers in establishing a conational process from the beginning on in order to integrate the language backgrounds of the children.

Our institution has no group rooms. Instead, there are six thematic areas, which focus on such things as art, sciences, sports, theatre and many more. The children can choose in which area they would like to participate. When the offered activity is ended, the children then can find an alternative of their own accord. The children of course can also choose to spend time on the outside premise of the institution.

The open house concept offers families, whose children grow up multicultural an international access to education.