November: Ein Abenteuer in England/ An adventure in England


November: Ein Abenteuer in England/ An adventure in England
Sonntag, 06. März 2016, of Freiwillige(r): Nadia Mousikou

For our project at the Hort, we have to choose a country every month and through different activities, encourage intercultural exchange.

Our choice for November was England. We started by talking about the various sights in London ( Big Ben , London Eye etc) .We then created a map of London  and located the various sights. We also made top hats and crowns out of paper, played an english themed bingo and learned an english country dance. I particularly liked the day when we had our  'english tea party', where we drank tea, ate Sandwiches and sweets, coloured in our tiaras and learned some facts about english tea parties. 

Since our project is called 'kochakademie', we cook or bake something traditional of the country of our choice. For November, we decided to bake scones, which is usually served with clotted cream and jam. Baking with children can be quite challenging; they are quite impatient and each one wants to make sure that what he/she is doing is correct. However, they do seem to enjoy it and their satisfied expressions are priceless.

From this first month of our project I realised that you have to be inventive and to make sure that you offer a variety of activities, because each child likes different things. Some enjoy dancing, others  making crafts. And if you want to attract more children, you have to find the right way to do so.