Donnerstag, 03. November 2016, of Freiwillige(r): Sophie Crosse
So first month in Halle! To say it's been a walk in the park may be be slightly misleading, I'll say it was a brisk jog instead. The month has flown by mainly due to being so ridiculously busy. Our first days were filled with tours of our new city and discovering that nothing opens on a Sunday (not the best realisation with a hangover). Then starting work at our Horts and Kindergartens, learning quickly to adapt to the German babble of the children and that 'genau' is the only word you ever need to use to get by. Now 5 weeks into work I do feel more settled in and getting into a routine, playing and colouring (a lot) with die kinder. German is coming on very very slowly but still have 11 months to perfect it!
In Halle we have thrown ourselves into the local community, going to an international food fair at a church and joining in with their youth group, visiting Sangerhausen for the Sachsen Anhalt Festival, joining a running club and a gospel choir with some of my fellow volunteers, and exploring the night life - namely Flower Power and its amazing karaoke night (which I won), the pub quiz at The Fiddler however failed to capture our talents!
Last weekend we went to Berlin for the Unification Day celebrations, absolutely fell in love with the city, and had a great time meeting up with the Braunsweig guys. Hopefully we'll have another mini-reunion at the end of this month for Halloween, exploring yet more Halle's secrets and nightlife.
Looking forward to the rest of October, hopefully a much more relaxing month before a manic November.
Tschuss for now.