Carnival masks inspired by mosaics in Cyprus


Carnival masks inspired by mosaics in Cyprus
Dienstag, 10. Mai 2016, of Freiwillige(r): Rena Mousikou

A big part of the Cypriot culture involves represenations of mythology and religion using mosaic tiles. In the Roman times the floors of the wealthy Cypriot and roman individuals’ houses -mainly officers- were decorated with mosaic representations. The main inspirations were nature, beauty and the Greek mythology ( for example Theseus’ killing of the Minotaurus ). When Christianity was introduced in Cyprus ,people decorated the walls of the churches with scenes from the bible and the testaments using mosaic tiles.

Being inspired by the Cypriot mosaics  ,I decided to make  mosaic masks since Carnival was approaching in Germany. Instead of using mosaic tiles I used colourful paper squares. Initially I explained to the children the importance of mosaics in the Cypriot culture and then I showed them pictures of mosaic exemples in Cyprus. In the following days we crafted the masks.Every child was given a carton mask to cut out.Each child had to then stick the squares ,the one next to each other, without leaving spaces and without them overlapping . They did this process on both sites of the mask.

The end result was a room decorated with many colourful carnival masks that set the mood for carnival!