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Waiting For Green: Staring at The Ampel Mann

Montag, 07. März 2016, of Freiwillige(r): William Neal
Why I wait for the Ampelmann

November: Ein Abenteuer in England/ An adventure in England

Sonntag, 06. März 2016, of Freiwillige(r): Nadia Mousikou
first stop: England

Seminar in Dresden

Sonntag, 06. März 2016, of Freiwillige(r): Rhiannon Bailey
As part of the EVS, everyone participates in two seminars. I had my first one, along with the other EVS volunteers last week, the 22nd-28th of February. To be honest I had very few expectations of the week as I had no clue as to what we would be doing. However, the week was definitely one of the highlights of the year so far.......